Nachalie Rodriguez Fine Artist

Nachalie Rodriguez is a New Jersey-based contemporary realist artist whose portfolio includes paintings, pencil drawings and watercolor. A mixture of photo-realism, abstraction and surrealism, her distinctive personal style is embued with the vibrant spirit of her environment and those around her. Working primarily with acrylics, she focuses on individual bodies, rapturous couples, and human faces, exhibiting a mastery of style and an innate sense of composition.

Nachalie discovered her interest in art and fashion design and her natural ability to draw as early as the fourth grade. She was accepted into the Visual Performing Arts High School program for fine arts, where she learned how to use different mediums, including graphite, acrylic, watercolor, ink and charcoal, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology during the summers. Nachalie received her Associates Degree in fashion design from the Wood-Tobe Coburn school in New York in 2007 and her B.A. in English from New Jersey City University five years later.

In 2005, Nachalie first exhibited her work in a group show at Newport Towers in Jersey City, at which she showcased multiple pieces in mixed mediums. She had her first solo show in February 2019 at the DT 234 Gallery in Jersey City. Entitled “Won Love” and inspired by the Bob Marley song “One Love,” the individual pieces each tell a unique story; the collection as a whole is infused with themes of unity, equality, peace, self-acceptance and love, all of which have a profound influence on her work. Her upcoming exhibit in New Jersey, entitled “Lioness,” will explore the power, courage, grace and independence of women everywhere.